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Sunday, October 24, 2010

[ ♡ ] What's in my makeup bag

I've always wanted to do this post but as I've never had a running blog before, I didn't. I carry a small cosmetic bag with me everywhere I go with my basics in it. These are more like touch up items and emergency items. Because of this bag, I sometimes buy doubles when I find really good products or doubles just in case my on hand or my travel product is used up and I can't get to the store.

My bag

and the lovely contents inside:

1.) Missha palette from Korea. This was from my trip last summer to Seoul. I actually bought it in a subway station Missha (awesome!) It's a build your own palette and as you can see, I don't have a great array of colors because the eyeshadow selection in korea is very limited given they don't wear much eyeshadow, which is why they knew we were foreigners lol
2.) Maybellene Falsies mascara, this has fast become my favorite drugstore mascara
3.) Loreal felt tip liner, the only liquid liner I approve of!
4.) concealer, the name has rubbed off
5.) Sephora flashy liner waterproof in deep black. I bought this because my friend PH told me how awesome it was but it doesnt work for me because it spears so no I just use it on my waterline in conjuction with a liquid liner
6.) Tresemme mini hair spray, lol, sometimes your hair just needs a little extra poof
7.) sephora mirror (free if you buy a gift card, big and sturdy)
8.) hair band
9.) shu uemura lash curler, love!
10.) Victoria's secret beauty rush glossy shinestick in melon out, its very transparent but moisturizing
11.) two tweezers, I don't know why
12.) two bobby pins
13.) etude sharpner from Korea, just too cute to pass up
14.) elf foundation brush, I use it for concealer
15.) Sonia Kashuk blender brush, came with a set
16.) Sonia Kashuk angle brush
17.) clean&Clear oil wipes, these are the best! Do not settle for rice paper type ones because they don't really get rid of oil. These are the blue kinds that are kind of filmy and they get transparent as oil builds up on them so you can actually see how much oil your face produces!
18.) teasing comb from Sallys, refer to #6 lol

And there you have it! My on the go essentials.

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