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Sunday, October 24, 2010

[ ♡ ] Favorites - Lipsticks 10/14/10

I've recently just started to be more into lipstick and lip colors so I'm still in my hype for lipcolors and decided I would use lipsticks as my starting platform for a series of posts I'll be dubbing favorites. A little background of why I just started collecting colors so late in the makeup game: in Highschool I used a lip product that totally dried my lips out and made them feel entirely foreign. Whatever I did, nothing worked to get rid of the weird way my lips were behaving. Finally a doctor told me that it's an allergic reaction to a lip product I was using. At that time I only used three products including balms, colors, glosses. I didn't know which brand it was that made me allergic so I banned them all from my lip cosmetics. They were covergirl, revlon, and maybellene. To this day, I still haven't used a cg, maybellene or revlon lip product. Anyways that experience of course instilled a certain fear in me for trying lip products although I've now found medication to control the reaction. So just this year I started trying lipsticks again because I didn't want to live on vaseline forever and so far its been good, no reaction but again, I haven't tried the three brands again. Anyways thats why I just started collecting. Below are my favorites right now that I just love, in order:

a1.) Mac Creamsheen lipstick in crosswires. It's a brighter coral pink that is just so pretty!

2.) Mac Creamsheen lipstick in Ravishing. This is the perfect light orangey,nudey, coral for dark eyes.

3.) Sephora Rouge in R13. This is my go to hot pink lipcolor on a night out. Its hot pink without being over the top and it has no blue or purples in it so its not like a fushia.

4.) Sephora Rouge in R14. You can't tell looking at it but it has blue hues in it that make it kind of a light barbie pink with a purplish tint.

5.) Nyx lipstick in Tea rose. It's a beautiful muted rose that is good for everyday looks.

6.) The Faceshop in PK102. It's a sheer lipstick with a good buildup ability and its a nice everyday pink as well.

Well, those are my current favs. I will of course update with new favorites when I find them as I continue on my lipcolor discovering adventure!

♥ PaNhia


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