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Sunday, October 24, 2010

[ ♡ ] Covet - Hot & Perfect Hair

So let's jump right into the first "real" post. This is the first in a series I'll be calling "Covet." This post series will revolve around things I love and want!

Recently, I finished watching a thai drama called, "Soy Rerd Cherd Sod" which translates to "pretty, perfect and single" and it's about a rich girl who, well, is pretty, perfect and single. It's a comedy starring Janie Tienphosuwan and Film Rattapoom and centers around the life of a rich girl named Kwanuma. In a knutshell, she starts off as arrogant, conceited and having no care for other peoples' feelings but loses her memory, becomes good and repeat a few times, all the while falling in love with a poor guy who doesn't take her seriously. It's pretty funny and will make you fall out of your seat laughing once in a while but the main reason I couldn't get enough of it is because Kwanuma has the cutest hair styles I've ever seen in a thai drama, no exageration! I can't quite figure if they're half wigs though because her hair color changes a lot during the 15 episodes (black to blonde, and reverse.) But I loved her hair styles so much that I went through every single episode a 2nd time after finishing the drama and did screen caps of her hair in all it's glory. Below is a gift to anyone who appreciates and covets a beautiful do.

Check out the drama with subs on Wishboniko's youtube channel


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