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Sunday, October 24, 2010

[ ♡ ] Halloween – 2o10: Vampy Pin-up & secret costume revealed!

The girls of LPT are doing a group costume this year and you guessed it, we’re doing pin-ups! We’ve done the 7 deadly sins before and sailor scouts a while ago. We always like to have a theme with variation in it so we’re going to be different types of pin up looks. I’ve chosen a vampy pin-up so think Betty Paige meets Kat Von D minus the tattoos. I’m thinking of doing dark liner, dark red lips, vintage hair and a sexy little black dress. But I can’t find the dress I have in mind so now I’m going to make it. Here is the fabric I got from JoAnn fabrics. I got two yards for $8! Steal!
This is my real basic sketch:

Also I just wanted to talk about how great it is that Halloween falls on a Sunday this year. Every year I always have to choose or find a way to compromise between enjoying Halloween and taking the kids out to treat-or-treat and this year the holiday gods have answered my prayers (or the natural calendar flow gods at least) and it’s made it so that I have three good days to celebrate. On Friday, the girls and I are doing an all girls party full of food, crafts and games. On Saturday we’ll be donning our pin-up costumes for a night out and Sunday I can spend with the kids! It’s a win-win-win!

We also decided we would do different costumes for the girl’s night because some of us wanted to do scary looks (we usually do cute and sexy) but not go out in public so this is also our chance to be ugly, scary and unusual! I’ve kept my Friday night costume a secret between just a few of us but I am about to reveal what it is now! This is the first C&C exclusive! I will be a………ancient Chinese swordswoman!
That’s my sketch and I have no idea how to achieve it yet but I’m working on it!

♡ PaNhia

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