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Sunday, October 24, 2010

[ ♡ ] 30 day blog challenge, Day 4 & 5

I Know, I challenge responses aren't going according to actual days but I've been having laptop problems so bear my responses and posting in general will be kind of sporadic over the next few weeks.

Day 4: 15 songs that represent your life

Actually I can't come up with that many because I've never actually felt like a song represented me or any concrete raw part of my life. Here are a few that I can come up with though:
-welcome to my life
-miss independent
lol, all three are not really related to any one theme because again, I've never listened to a song and just felt like it reflected who I am. So instead of trying to come up with more, I'll just go into a little depth on each.

For welcome to my life, I can't say that there's anything about my life that really is quite as bad or dramatic but I can relate in the fact that a lot of people don't understand that just because I seem like I have it good I don't have my own issues and demons to fight. Well, no, I just don't let me rule me most of the time but sometimes all I can do is admit defeat and therein lies the welcome to my life portion.

For Breakaway, those who know me will see it clearer. I've always had this need to breakaway and just be free to do what I want and pursue what I want but my responsibilities negate any chance I have to do this.

For Miss Independent, I kind of feel like that girl in the song. I've always wanted to be alone and do my own thing. I've never wanted to be dependent on a man to make me feel complete or happy so the song represents me in that aspect. Also I used to and still at times don't believe in love. I think love is not something that will come to everyone and I think a great love is really more an exception to the rule.

Day 5: A picture of somewhere you've been

Seoul, South Korea last summer 2009

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