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Sunday, October 24, 2010

[ ♡ ] Skin Care – Origins Cleanser & Toner

As far as makeup goes, I like to try new products and I’m always searching for something better. For a while I was on the hunt for the darkest black eyeshadow. I tried several before I found a winner. I tried Sonia Kashuk in storm, MAC in Carbon and a few others and finally settled on Urban Decay’s P---. Last year I was on the hunt for a perfect drugstore mascara to replace my Makeup Professionals Smokey Lash and have now settled on Maybellene Falsies and Loreal’s Volumnous Mascaras.

For skincare, however, I’m more wary because I don’t want to mess up my skin’s equilibrium. I’ve only ever used Neutregna cleansers and products. By the way my skin type is oily combination. Earlier I used this Acne scrub in the orange tube and it was nice but it became a little too strong for my skin for the twice daily cleansing.
so I switched to the more liquidy foamy formula of the same line in grapefruit and I ilked it a lot. Here is my empty bottle:
It kept my skin mostly clear but in July I ran out and decided to try something different and got the Biore Ice cleanser and for a little over a month, it broke me out like crazy! My sister uses whatever I use and it broke her out too! I finally tossed it and went back to my Neutregena one and then Just last week I ran out again and decided to try the Origins Zero cleanser & Toner set that I saw in a magazine and actually I took a picture of it on my phone to remind me lol
But after talking to the sales people, I decided to buy this balancing cleanser & purifying toner line instead.
The sales lady told me the cleanser would leave me literately squeaky clean and surprisingly it does! I got both for $45 total
Here are some pictures of the cleanser:
• Nice creamy texture
• Leaves your face squeaky clean
• Its organic
• So far its not breaking me out

• The price is around $20 a piece
• The toner smells strong
• There is alcohol in the toner though its stripped
• it left my hands chapped and peeling like what happens if you glue your fingers together or the after affects of a sunburn…look below for the picture of it:

♡ PaNhia

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