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Sunday, October 24, 2010

[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases - Books Galore!

If you know me, you know I'm pretty big on books. Recently, I've really been into guide books, how-to's, and general information book. Combine that with my all time love of food, happiness, and fashion and you get my most recent border's purchases. Keep in mind, I got these at a good 33% off because of my border's rewards membership.

This is a Thai/Chinese cookbook I got for a mere $8! What a great deal! I've already went through an put a mark on every single dish that I want and what's awesome about this book is that there are picture step-by-step instructions so the cooking handicapped like myself can actually attempt to make a meal!

This one is almost a covet, in fact it is. It's on my facebook wish list and it's the third one from Nina I think. Nina Garcia is an fashion director at Elle Magazine and even though she's not my favorite person on PRW, her books are very cute. Her other two are bout the 100 pieces a woman should own and I can't remember the other one but this one is about what to wear for every occasion, and I mean EVERY occasion. There's ideas in there for like easter dinner, meeting the boyfriend's kids for the first time, all of it! It's ok in the informative department, not too much I didn't already know and like but useful nonetheless.

This is my favorite of the three and it's basically a journal where you fill out the book according to their prompts. Its perfect for lazys like me want to journal but can't muster the motivation to. It's a win-win, they get my money, I get my daily journaling satisfaction. It's objective is to make you do and think about happy things, thus, the title and I must say, it's working so far!

I get a new coupon every three days or so so you can count on more books coming this way!

♡ PaNhia

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