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Sunday, October 24, 2010

[ ♡ ] New Flea Market & Halloween Shopping

Yesterday after attending our friend Youa & Steve's wedding, we went to check out the new Hmong flea market on Johnson Pkwy. This one is different from the International Market on Como because it's all inside of a flat spacious building and it just opened last Saturday. There are also various businesses located within the building. It was extremely busy due to it being newly opened and I made the poor decision to let my 16 year old sister drive so she can practice and she did fine until we got inside the lot and had to drive through crowded spaces and other cars to go towards more parking in the back and she panicked! She's never driven in tight spaces before, in fact this was only her 3rd or 4th time at the wheel so she got scared and we had to stop in the middle of the caravan so that we could switch spots! It was embarrassing and funny at the same time and then I spot jacked a space as soon as I turned the corner but really, I didn't mean to lol! They had already gone past it and were just signaling and starting to back up when I was already half way (ok, 1/3 of the way) into the spot! Honestly, I wouldn't have taken it if they were close it it! So anyways here is the inside of the flea market:

I was surprised to see that most of the stores were selling Korean products and cosmetics! I mean we've never had korean things before. There have been vendors for Thai products but never Korean so this was a pleasant surprise. There was this little store by the entrance that looked like an Etude dupe complete with pink register and super pale sales person! I didn't take a picture of that store but here is another korean themed store further down:

They told us they would have boots from Korea coming in this Wednesday! We strolled further to the food area and got some food and bubble tea!

I got coconut Honeydew! My friends got strawberry cheesecake and 2 mango passion fruits. After getting our daily dose of pearls we headed over to the produce section and was completely in awe! The entire room had a mural of Laos (or Thailand) across all four walls and I shot a few pictures of it!

That guys not the artist but he was helping tape the edge! It looks awesome and incredibly real.

After checking out the flea market we headed to Halloween Express to look for costumes but found nothing so we went to Maplewood Mall and shopped around. Here is an outfit I tried at f21 but didn't like enough and also a headband I fell in like with at Charlotte but was convinced by my friends that I wouldn't wear.

The last three pictures are from Ragstock. I would've taken more but we got yelled at by the sales associate for taking pictures lol! See, I risk it all for you!

♡ PaNhia

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