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Sunday, October 24, 2010

[ ♡ ] 30 day blog challenge, Day 1 & 2

Day 1: Post a recent picture of yourself and 15 facts.

1. I actually like to cook if it's only me and there's no pressure involved
2. I love makeup but I refuse to go gaga over mac b/c the sheer amount of crazy followers make me dislike it on principle
3. I write fanfics and was asked to have one submitted to a thai production agency by a fellow forumer but couldn't go through with it b/c I couldn't translate it into thai
4. I would make a living out of traveling if I could (someone sponser me!)
5. my dream home is a large penthouse in NYC overlooking Central Park (the cottage and picket fence do nothing for me)
6. I drink one cup of coffee a day
7. My current favorite person is Tim Gunn from PRW because he's so cool!
8. If I were in gossip girl, I'd be Blair because she's beautiful, manipulative and a little ruthless!
9. I actually don't like candy and don't eat it often...I only like hersheys cookiesncreme chocolates
10. My guilty pleasure is Bravo's realhousewives series...why? b/c I enjoy the bickering and ignorance and dillusion
11. I kill labtops quite quickly, I've gone through 4 in the past 4 years and am on the 5th
12. Thera-flu is my life saver
13. I am the only one in my family who can deal with kids and entertain them for long periods (surprising isn't it?)
14. I like Korea more than New York
15. no one remembers this but my favorite colors are red and pink but not together

Day 2: A picture of something you cannot live without.

My Phone. I've forgotten it a few times and wandered around aimlessly, lost (literately.) Without my phone, I don't know what time it is and I just feel like I've lost all connection with humanity even if someone is walking right past me. If I had to equate it to something, it'd be like Will Smith in I am Legend when he is the lone man left on Earth who isn't drooling or hunting human flesh. Kind of dramatic but there you go.

♡ PaNhia

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