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Sunday, October 24, 2010

[ ♡ ] Nikita’s Gleeful Gossiping in the Office that has been Outsourced to the Real Housewives

I usually don’t watch a lot of tv but since I’m done with school, I’ve had more times to catch up on shows. This season I’m watching a few shows on basic tv and cable but I’m really only following a few. The following are shows that I always keep up with episode by episode, week by week.

1.) Gossip Girl
This is the only show I stalk season to season. I feel like if I had my dream life it would exactly reflect the lives of these people except without the whole excessive gossiping and queen bee fighting thing. I love the fashion, the walking around in cute outfits, the parties and soirees, all of it! This season on Gossip Girl, Blair and Chuck are still broken up and after Blair ran Chuck’s French ex prostitute girlfriend out of town, Chuck declared war on Blair and is hell bent on taking everything she loves and wants away from her. Serena left last season with Blair to Paris and took the whole summer deciding between Dan and Nate. Now she finds that neither wants her because they waited too long for her and each have their own girls to worry about. Dan is back with Vanessa which just seems like a bad pairing this season for some reason, almost like a nasty taboo and Nate is hooking up with a chick named Julia who is actually working with a convict in jail to do something bad to Serena for some unexplained reason. I keep waiting for when Blair finds out about Julia’s sneakiness and tosses some blair bitching her way because she sure deserves it with her fake apartment and wannabe suits.

2.) The office
The office comes in a close second. I have watched 99% of all 6 seasons. I just love the dry, weird humor and I love it even more that some people just don’t get it. Every character is just so bizarre in their own ways. My favorite characters are Dwight, Andy and Erin. Dwight is just so weird and Andy I feel has the most heart and Erin is just such an airhead, I love it! This season on the office, Andy was in a play and everyone but Erin went to see it because Erin was babysitting Pam and Jim’s baby but made the mistake of bringing the baby over during intermission lol. My favorite line is when Erin was explaining that she always wanted to get into the babysitting market but couldn’t because the 13 year olds in the town had such a monopoly on it! Lol! Classic! Also, Michael came in with some sore on his lip and had to run all over town letting his exes know that he may or may not have given them herpes. Also, Angela is succumbing to dressing hipper to seduce Dwight because right now they’re under contract to try 5 times to conceive a baby before Dwight is free of her and they keep track of this with a punch card! Can you believe that? Lol!

3.) Outsourced
I love this show! This is it’s first season. Modeled after a movie of the same name, its about a guy that gets transferred to India to work as the manager for a company that sells jokes and random products and all his employees are India so he has to deal with the culture shock. He kind of befriends the only other white guy in the show who happens to be a weird creeper. So far episode four is the funniest because its about how his team finally stands up to a group of smart techy people that provides service for the best firms in America, ending in an awesome prank that you’ll just have to see for yourself!

4.) Glee
I mentioned earlier that I watch Glee but mostly just to listen to the music and see what all the hype is about. So far it’s alright. I don’t love the characters and the singing hasn’t started annoying me yet but I always fast forward those parts during bollywood movies so its bound to happen.

5.) Nikita
I’m mostly watching it because I was shocked they’re featuring a real asian girl as the lead and also because Shane West is in it and man, when that man looks at you (or into the camera) you just kind of shiver a little lol! His eyes are so intense. Basically its about a government operations group that’s more secretive than the CIA and they take people with potential and train them to kill for them. Nikita escaped after they killed her fiancé and she learned the group’s leader is doing side projects and not really working for the government at all. Right now we know she’s after the leader Percy and his secret black boxes containing data on all his rouge operations.

6.) Real Housewives
I’m not really paying much attention to these ladies anymore because I feel like they just get crazier and more ignorant each season but it’s still a good laugh from time to time. I just started the Beverly hills version so I don’t have much to say for right now but it looks promising in the stupid department!

♡ PaNhia

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