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Sunday, October 24, 2010

[ ♡ ] Blogging Challenge – Day 9, 10, 11

DAY 9: Something/Someone you're proud of.

My kid sister. She does a lot and is extremely smart (too smart.) In the short time she’s been in highschool she’s probably accomplished more than I did and I did a lot in highschool. She works hard and she actually cares about becoming more educated which I have to say is not common in the normal teenager.

Day 10: A story about a past relationship.

It’s not a physically long story but mentally, it lasted years. I had an inexplicable attraction to him and I just couldn’t shake it no matter what or whom came into the picture temporarily. My attachment didn’t even make sense to me and at times I thought myself crazy to still feel for him the way I did after all that time. But when were in the same room together, I just knew….I wasn’t crazy. What I felt for him was real, raw and genuine. But it didn’t work, it wasn’t enough and it didn’t last. The end.

DAY 11: A picture of something you dislike.

No picture, just walk into your typical urban highschool and you’ll see it. I hate wastrels with a passion, that person that sits there and only exists to disrupt the class or take up space and oxygen. Dumb people with no ambition, no drive to be in school, and no brains have a special place in earthbound hell and that’s called MCDs at age 50. I know its harsh but the reality is, no effort, no future. Get out of the room, quit wasting space. For every wastrel out there, there’s a kid in another country that wants your spot and could fulfill it 10 times better than you ever can in your lifetime.

♡ PaNhia

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